About Us

Carlow and South Leinster Rape Crisis Centre was officially founded in August 1997. CSLRCC is a limited company with charitable status and the organisation comprises of a Board of Directors, Fundraising Committee ( The Friends), Centre Manager, Staff and Volunteers.

The Centre is a member of the Rape Crisis Network of Ireland (RCNI). The Centre is also involved in local groups including Local Area Network, Carlow Women’s Network, Domestic Violence Intervention Programme and Women’s Aid.

The Carlow and South Leinster Rape Crisis Centre provides a safe environment for survivors of sexual abuse. All staff and volunteers deeply understand both the realities of sexual violence and the impact of all forms of sexual violence. Survivor’s reactions are viewed as normal responses to trauma and to coping with the aftermath of trauma.

All staff and volunteers are trained in the reality and extent of sexual violence. In supporting survivors through helplines, advocacy, counselling, medical or legal processes, the Centre understands the need to maintain confidentiality.

All of the services at the Centre are provided free of charge.

Research is currently being carried out by way of a needs analysis around the services for Domestic and Sexual Violence in the Carlow and Kilkenny areas.

This is an ideal opportunity for your voice to be heard around these much needed and vital services in the community. You would be completing this survey anonymously and not divulging any identifying information about yourself.

We would urge you to please complete this short survey though the link below: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/666sttl

Thank you in advance for your time.
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